RLA Resiliency Incubator

The idea.

The idea of the Resiliency Incubator was born out of the belief that change is the result of different ideas, points of view, disciplines and experiences coming together and interconnecting. 

By bringing together thought leaders, change-makers, field experts, academics and students, the aim of the Innovation Hub is to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and critical thinking through an interdisciplinary approach.

The interconnection.

The interconnection of different disciplines, including:

  • Culinary arts
  • Design
  • Art
  • Food systems
  • Health

Will translate into the successful creation, development, beta-testing, and advancement of tools, resources, and models that offer a transformational opportunity to improve environmental, cultural, social and economic conditions.
Incubating spaces help entrepreneurs grow their business by providing access to business, coaching and mentorship, financing, resource referrals, lending programs and affordable, flexible office/lab space.

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